Galleria Mall: A Shopper's Paradise

What makes for an unforgettable shopping experience? Premier shops and restaurants are a great start. At the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, however, that’s just the beginning.

As an upscale mall located only minutes from the beach, the Galleria delivers an exciting array of great restaurants and sophisticated shops. Among some of the first class dining restaurants are several that are found in only a few select national locations. Among the 150 stores are the tried and true and the creatively new.
Stores, Shops, and More
Galleria Mall reflects the best in upscale shopping. Included among the better known department stores are Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, and Macy’s. Other well known stores spread out among the mall’s one million square feet are: Banana Republic, Coldwater Creek, Victoria’s Secret, and many more. Among the more elite shops are Tommy’s Island, Artefacto, and Swarovski. In addition, a unique shop, La Cafetiere, offers affordable French home accessories for those who desire a European flair.

Premier Dining Experiences
Among the great dining experiences at Galleria Mall is the Blue Martini. This eatery, for example, prides itself on great food and 25 varieties of martinis. Its martinis range from the signature Blue Martini to the Three Chocolates. As a popular gathering spot, it also offers live entertainment and dancing. Guests choose from among three distinct settings. For the casual get together, there’s the outdoor patio bar; for party revelers, there’s the stage room; and, for those who desire a more intimate setting, the Blue Martini provides a VIP room. In all of these settings, a great tapas food menu and wonderful spirits are available.

The Capital Grille is another premier restaurant at Galleria Mall. The menu offers quality dry aged steaks and the freshest in seafood to make this a world class dining experience. In addition, the Grille offers an award winning wine selection that boasts 5,000 bottles. It’s no wonder that this eatery won the Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Culinary Federation.

For those with Mediterranean palates, Galleria Mall presents Piazzo di Giorgio. Offering a wide selection of delectable food, there are twelve themed food offerings from which to choose. A private room is also available for large parties, and off-site catering brings the best food to the best places. Want to bring the kids? They’re invited! In fact, a special playroom is available to allow adults to relax.

Seasons 52 is another award winning restaurant that makes Galleria Mall exceptional. It boasts fresh grill offerings and a tantalizing wine bar. Specializing in custom flatbreads and other original culinary treats, Seasons 52 caters to the sweet tooth as well. Make room from a selection of 18 mini indulgences after the main course.

Galleria Mall’s Special Touches
In addition to the wonderful shops and restaurants, Galleria Mall also takes shopping to a new level with well thought out amenities. These include a spa, valet or color-coded parking, water access, and a 24-screen movie theater. Oh, and there’s the-one-of-a-kind food court that puts all others to shame!

For those desiring a way to unwind, Galleria Mall boasts an Elizabeth Arden spa. What better way to relax after a hard day of work or shopping? The Red Door Spa, for example, pledges to help guests leave physically refreshed and mentally rejuvenated. Among its uniquely personalized services are facials, massage, body treatments, nail and hair care, makeup, and much more.

Galleria Mall also makes shopping and dining more convenient with easy to use parking. For those who want to leave their troubles at the car door, valet parking is available. For others, a convenient parking structure based on color-coding helps direct visitors to the specific area of upscale shops and restaurants. Visitors simply use the plum, lime, mango, and orange color coding as guides.

For guests without a car, Galleria Mall is still easily accessible. For example, many of the nearby world class hotels offer door-to-door transportation service. Buses are also available, as well as water taxis for the more adventurous.

Entertainment options are not forgotten. To take in the latest movie, there is a 24-screen theater. In addition, there is a great gaming arcade for pure fun.
Last but not least, the food court at Galleria Mall should not be missed. The array of “fast food” selections is none like most have ever seen. Centered on gourmet offerings that cater to a variety of food and health tastes, the food court is special. Keeping the upscale theme going, it offers great wine lists to help shoppers unwind, and forget throwing away paper products and plasticware. This food court provides linens and real cutlery.

For many, a mall is a mall is a mall. Visitors to Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale find this assumption disproved. Even the most cynical smile after a visit to this mall.


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