Snowbirds Flock To Ft. Lauderdale

When it is snowing in Canada and the northern states, Ft. Lauderdale maintains beautiful, welcoming warm, sunshine all year long. Snowbirds love traveling to the southern State of Florida, enjoying the winter months and just relaxing while soaking in the warmer weather. 
Ft. Lauderdale has beautiful, clean beaches that have sparkling, clear sea water and depending on the weather, individuals can pick up large shells that wash up on shore after a heavy rain or thunderstorm. There are several fun activities that entice the vacationing snowbirds to visit such as State Parks. These parks offer wildlife that is abundant to the area like birds, alligators, crabs, turtles and snakes that can be enjoyed when hiking the various trails throughout the parks. The parks are a photographers dream with opportunity to take pictures in the wild, with beautiful sunsets and early morning sunshine rays beaming across the sky.
Snowbirds also love to spend their time shopping in the various stores that line the beach roadways for miles. There are businesses that offer bicycling or golf carts to ride in. Of course gas is saved and depending on whether a bike or golf cart is used can also provide some fun exercise, outdoors. Fort Lauderdale is conveniently located near other beachfront communities that provide additional activities such as movie theatres, bowling, or golf courses. Other activities include swimming pools, board games, hiking trails, and many festivals and events under a large shelter.
Actually many snowbirds loved the area so much that they purchased or built homes in the area to live in during the winter months up north. Whenever these snowbirds decide to return up north, most put their homes on summer rental with management firms that take care of the property while they are gone. Potential renters are credit verified by the management firm. The rental cost includes a management fee, and then the balance is sent to the owner or deposited into the property owner’s bank account. The home makes them money during the summer months making their traveling during the winter months more affordable.
Instead of building homes, some snowbirds rent camping sites all year long, plant flowers and landscape their campsite. Then they allow the park to rent their campers during the months that they are gone. The rental monies help pay the cost for year round camp site rental and maintenance.

Ft. Lauderdale beaches beacon visitors every year because of their beauty and snowbirds are no exception.

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